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madison 012

Hello there!  I am Melissa, I am the Mom of 4 kids and I live in Waukesha County in Wisconsin.  My kids range in age from 7 all the way down to 2.  My house is loud, wild, crazy, and I wouldn’t change it for anything.  We also have two dogs, a 3-legged German Shorthair Pointer/Lab, and a Yorkie as well that just add to the madness.

I am not new to the blogging world, I am actually the founder of Lake Country Family Fun which is a wildly popular parenting resource for Waukesha County so I guess you can add Mom Blogger to my resume as well.  I am the founder of Oconomowoc’s Costume Swap and Hartland Kids Day and work with various non-profits in the area.  The whole “Mom Blogging” path started due to the fact I could not find a resource that was updated daily or even weekly for my area that was focused on kids and family friendly, and free events.  I was new to Wisconsin with a young infant at the time and I just wanted to get out and explore the community and the things to do.  I found some resources, but they weren’t updated often enough and didn’t have all the information I was finding on my own.   What I found when I started the blog/website was that I was the only, yes the only blogger at the time in Waukesha County talking about the events and the culture of the area who was maintaining their website.  Who would have thought I would have been the original?  It certainly was not me, but I am glad to hold that title.  Since I have grown in the area I have found that there is so much to do, and I want to give additional information than just the Lake Country area.  Don’t worry, Lake Country Family Fun is not going any where!  If you want to be a contributor to 262 Parent, I will welcome the addition!  I want this to not be about just me, I want it to be about all of us.  Great content can be created from one person, be the best content is from a collective.  I love being ‘the Mom’ but I want it to really be parents and plural.